widowmaker 2048 hybrid V mud boat with camo wrap and a black labrador cruising through the water

Wetlander is the best bottom coating for mudboats

Anyone who has been on a mudboat in thick pudding mud or in a stretch of floating lily pads knows: Once you stop, getting up and running again can be really, really hard.  Adding super slick Wetlander to the bottom of your hull will get you through floating vegetation, skinny water and sticky mud without losing precious momentum and speed.  Tear through that stuff and get to the spots that others can’t.  At Wetlander, we believe you should spend your time hunting, fishing and getting your limit, not spending your time stuck, stranded, poling or winching your mudboat out of thick veg and mud.

This page highlights Wetlander on mudboats specifically; For much more in-depth information on Wetlander, go to the main Wetlander site -> WETLANDER.COM

With Wetlander on the bottom of your boat, launching and loading at the ramp becomes much, much easier.  That means one-handed winching onto the trailer, and a quick slip into the water on the launch.

Almost to the 2 year mark with the Wetlander XL!!! It has served me quite well in the Louisiana Marsh. 2 weeks ago we were hit with monumental rainfall and our lands turned to mostly water. Because of your product I was able to cross some sections of land with no standing water. It was simply amazing to witness this first hand in my boat. I picked up and transported an estimated 50 people plus pets and belongings that Sunday alone. Without your product on my boat I would not have been nearly as effeciant.  17′ express with 36 hp pro-drive.”  – Michael Matthews, Louisiana

I sure wished I had paid closer attention when you said be careful at the boat launch first time. Followed my usual launch procedure. Got to the bottom taped the brakes and swoosh the boat shot of of my trailer. Were as before it was work to get it off. Increase in speed along with ease crossing Mud flats. 17 1/2 Allweld with a 35hp gatertail. So In conclusion with this paint when I get stuck, I’m stuck way further back . Thanks for the good stuff.”       – Peter Ward, Louisiana

I recently purchased your product and installed it on my boat. I am really impressed with it. Have had it on the river now a number of times and the overall performance has changed for the better. From soft beaching, to unloading, over all drag and surprisingly quieter hull noise. Real impressed.”  – Jerod Smith, Idaho


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With the addition of Wetlander, our boats are aesthetically more appealing and also have the ability to go through shallow water and floating vegetation better.  Also, Wetlander makes trailering considerably easier.” Chuck Harsin, owner of Widow Maker Boats, Utah

Just got done with a 10 day trip in southern Indiana,  trapping problem beaver,  and nuisance coyotes… the boat is full of dents, and your product has not flaked, chipped,  or run scared… Thanks for a great product !!!” –“Indiana” Rob
mudmotor on a small mudboat on a small river with fallen trees and branches

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